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Saturday 7th November 2015 – Sunday 15th November 2015
Camden Image Gallery, 174 Royal College St. London. NW1 0SP

Windows is a series of portraits by Lee of some of the UK’s most exciting talents from UK film, TV and music, including many of the fantastic actors from This Is England including Vicky McClure, Johnny Harris, Thomas Turgoose, Andrew Shim and Jo Hartley. Plus comedian Diane Morgan (Philomena Cunk in Charlie Brooker’s Wipe), Jonny Owen (Svengali, Shameless, Director of I Believe in Miracles), Kate Dickie (Prometheus, Filth, For Those in Peril, Red Road), Michael Smiley (Kill List, Fishbowl, Luther, A Field In England, Spaced) and the Sleaford Mods, amongst others.

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